I sold my soul to devil,
For many-many gold.
How I drew up the contract?
He asked me and I sold.

Whether I became better?
Or maybe became worse?
Although, it doesn't matter -
I became rich, because.

I don't feel any panges,
But question now I got -
If I don't feel a changes,
I had soul or had not?

Poetry by Black Knight
Read 573 times
Written on 2005-10-25 at 13:07

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Christoffer Waye
You can never esll something that isn't yours to start with.
Other wise good text

Zoya Zaidi
I ask this question of those who go down like this!
Unfortunately there are too many like this in today's world!
Especially in our part of the world!!
That is why they say: conscience is dead!
For what is soul, but conscience?
Thought provoking piece!!
I like the way you have put it in first person!!!