Oh, Mother of the Arts! The timeless and supreme,
Immortal, universal and extreme.
Wiping off cities, generating history,
Destroing Worlds to make Reality.

In hour of achievements and mysteries
Descend like enigmatic silver light to this
Light up my soul with wisdom and insight,
And give to heart a gift of eagle's sight

I'll let go past through Spirit prism a spectral ray,
To millions of unknown stars is directed its way.
And I, dissolved in countless Realities,
Will resurrect out of waves of Primordial Seas.

I'm setting foot on multicolor astral land
With all my incarnations in one hand,
Knowing and correcting myself to clear
And overstep the bounds of this Sphere.

Distil in an alchemic still of heart
The roughness of this world, of every part.
Take all deformity to purify
And turn into essence of cloudless sky.

Making a start from usual each time when
You need to dive in Darkness boundless and then
Revive again like light of a new star,
That show my Way to Surface from afar.

Poetry by Black Knight
Read 859 times
Written on 2007-12-15 at 18:36

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