I close my eyes and then dissolve in every cell of world,
In each symbol of formulas, each letter of each word.
Now I become both - all and everyone, it's really so,
At the same moment I'm a key and I'm a door.

And as soon as I cross the threshold with my feet,
I at once turn into blossoming street.
I walk along it, feeling own strides,
And wrap up own face with tree's aromas from all sides.

And I see pendulums appearing everywhere,
As soon as someone tries to be beyond of "then and there".
The amplitude of swing fast reaches the culmination,
And then the searching one come back to rows of nation.

And hundreds of following eyes I feel,
That diligently watch for our thoughts and will,
For order and disorder, and, besides,
For renewal and crystallization of all minds.

I see, it's incarnated into everyone, in any part,
I see, the essence dies away, cedes to the Guard
Of Order, who's dissecting bodies, throwing out souls,
Just for the sake of some unwritten laws and goals.

I see the face of Architect, bottomless eyes
Calmly observe how his plan is realized.
I see, how the workers hasten, step by step,
Blocking so suddenly arisen gap.

This dynamism seems chaotic just at first,
But all its worldly greatness all at once is lost
Against a background of Architect's eternity
And clouds, above infinity of human vanity.

Poetry by Black Knight
Read 916 times
Written on 2007-12-17 at 21:01

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