The Stairway

Through the incalculable Worlds with which
Heaven are strewed, tangible and bewitched,
And to the center of multidimension light from darkest depths
of hidden space, The Great Spiral leads steps.

The stairway of evolution of the Real,
Stairway of death and transitory will,
Stairway of renaissance that change your steps,
Stairway of mysteries and stairway of traps.

Fresh marks on bodies of your own incarnations,
The headless corpse of rational relations,
Unbridled Force, sweeping away all limitations
Of system, which restrict your transformations.

Fist of the will, compressing all desires,
Tying them up in thirty and three gyres,
Transforming them in thirty and three keys,
They never more will bring you on your knees.

Your wishes are sacrificed to Truth, your hands are torn,
They are lifted upwards, disfigured by blackthorn.
Your legs are hidden somewhere in a chasm,
And eyes are pricked out, seeing world like a phantasm.

But heart will light up steps of stairway
And by all means will show you a true way,
Pulsing like myriads of stars and shining sun
In divine hands of the Walking One.

Poetry by Black Knight
Read 928 times
Written on 2007-11-27 at 12:00

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