Today has never been better
nether tomorrow nor yesterday

The pasts of the future

Why does it seem like I'm supposed to hate
everything I create?

Why does it seem like everything I do and everything I try
always ends up in chances passing me by?

I'm always having these moments of looking back.
The present is so distant and today is so black.

It's easy to live in the past,
but it's even easier to just picture the future,
you can never know what might float upstream,
darkest true reality or brightest true dream?

I can see it before me, the pasts of the future.

Still I'm looking back.

Still my chances is passing me by.

Still I'm dreaming of an even more distant tomorrow.

Still today is the date of my sorrow.

Poetry by TheLine
Read 999 times
Written on 2007-02-03 at 22:45

Tags Angst  Thoughts  Life 

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This is a brillant text! You really capture several aspects of everyday life and the expectations that we create. A straightforward text, this is how it is. And it is!

The rhymes are great and the

"today is so black"

just sends me to a place I really don't want to visit.

Thank you!

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I liked your poem very much It tells of times when life seems to halter and not let us see today and what we create in it as anything valuable .... it is often, in my experience, in times of change that this happens ..

you made this feeling very true through your words ..

rgds kath