Responses to 'What would you do if I died tonight?'

What would I do if you died tonight?

"I know wat id do now, I'd hope that doesn't happen. Wat the heck is the matter with u!"—Sushantika, 7-Feb-2007, 9:08pm

"Feeling really low..need to be told what I'm worth"-Me

"Gosh! I knew it! Don't say such things! Plz! I hope u aren't suicidal. My sis 2 frends committed suicide and their moms are having to deal with the loss..."-- Sushantika, 7-Feb-2007, 9.13pm

"No, it's not that bad...I would never do that..."—Me

"...Its awful. Trust me even I feel that way at times. But ultimately u realize its ptless."—Sushantika, 7-Feb-2007, 9:14:48pm

"Sorry. Look at me rattling away. Assuming things. to me, wats bothering u?"—Sushantika, 7-Feb-2007, 9.16pm

"Was listening to my funeral song on the radio. Its my funeral song and it made me feel there is nothing that's forever..not life, not love, not nothing, forever doesn't exist and that scares me"—Me

"Yeah. Me too. Its like all u need is a hug but it feels like 4ever to get it."—Sushantika, 7-Feb-2007, 9.17pm

"No. tell me. That sorta thing has to happen to me before. But that phase passed. Whats bugging u man?"—Sushantika, 7-Feb-2007, 9.21pm

"True and also no one knows your true worth. U gotta stay strong and I know its tiring but in the end it makes it all worth it!"—Sushantika, 7-Feb-2007

"What kind of question is THAT?!?"—Madhu, 7-Feb-2007, 9.44pm

"Sorry babe. Just feeling real low. Need to be reminded why I'm alive."—Me

"You mean the world to everyone who knows you...Your not being here would devastate everyone you know. You're you, like I said earlier :-) and you my dear are irreplaceable. Now quit wallowing and watch heroes and greys with me..."—Madhu, 7-Feb-2007, 9:58:45pm ^*undeletable*
"Too afraid to show my mom my teary self"—Me

"Wipe your tears away kiddo its all good. Life's good. Enjoy it all...Tv will help, trust me.." —Madhu, 7-Feb-2007
"Mom is more bothered if I washed my hands and bro is watching stupid Jay Leno so u guess who the loser is.."—Me

"Oh I tell you. Make lemonade out of the lemons. Enjoy the Jay Leno show. Enjoy that instead.."—Madhu, 7-Feb-2007

"Was listening to my funeral song on radio...cos someone hasn't posted it to me yet...and cried and wrote a poem called 'What would you do if I died tonight?"..asked some friends the q and instead of answering they thought I was being suicidal or smt..dumb shits!"—Me

"Chuma no ppl think talking about death is suicidal. Dumb shits only."—Akshay, 9-Feb-2007, 01:42:57

"Ya..and then when it happens to them they lose it"—Me
Can't remember what exactly I said but I meant that ppl should not treat death as a taboo..talking bout it helps dealing with it.

"Was listening to my funeral song on radio...and cried and wrote a poem called 'What would you do if I died tonight?"..asked some friends the q and instead of answering they thought I was being suicidal or smt..dumb shits!"—Me

"Hehe swolpa mad only. You and them. Well you are what company you keep. Hehe posted it?"—Nehal, 9-Feb-2007, 01:43:34

"No..stupid poet bay allows only 5 posts per week no..have to wait till sun..Why is talking of death such a taboo?"—Me

"Cos it signifies end. Don't think its taboo. I guess people just rather talk about happier stuff"—Nehal, 9-Feb-2007, 01:47:39

"'s only ppl like u and me who are obsessed with death...remember beginning of first sem pk was talking bout death in lit and we dedicated a whole page to the topic.."—Me

"Hehe we did? I don't remember nothing. We are obsessed cos we don't really know what death is. Simply. Its just those mysterious things that make us curious. That's all."—Nehal, 9-Feb-2007,01:52:02

"Ya, like an unsolvable detective story!"—Me

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