To those who choose to take on a task out of love.

Love is a rainbow

Man, there are so many definitons,
Of what we cherish most, love,
That's why it never leaves,
It never fades away,
Because as beings,
We are all given compassion,
That we give upon other as well as ourselves,

It takes a village to raise a child,
That's no lie,
And that usually what happens,
But it depends on the village,
It depends on the people to give themselves,
To the cause,
It's like all things,
You get out what you put in,

In this and any other time,
We are strapped for what we have created, time,
But here's the question,
If we made time, can we also stretch it to benefit,
More than our pockets and idealism,
But the ones who will follow in our footsteps?,

There are those who have already started the crusade,
They are our teachers,
Who are credited so little, but are responsible for so much,
They are our police officers,
Who are taken for granted, but take so much to keep us safe,
They are our beloved soldiers,
Hugely under-rated and attacked, but you and no-one else has ever heard the phrase,
"Gee, I hope a terrorist don't bomb my village tonight",
And they are you and me,

I see the color-blind who adopt,
No matter what the circumstances, because,
They are our future,
I see the un-manageable manage,
To keep hope alive in the most dire situations,
And I see the products of the movement,
Started by Moses and history itself,
Love is the rainbow that we follow,
And spread and give as we chase to touch it,

To all of you, all of us,
Thank you,
For what you do what he only ask of us,
Is that we give each other, love,

The dancer moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
Read 572 times
Written on 2007-02-19 at 12:18

Tags Love 

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you know how to color a black and white world
with such your heart of gold.

blue xox

oh man this is realy nice
love it