We all have issues/problems we want to be rid of. Mine is my father. Feel free to judge but please respect that this is about me.

Dear Father, I Hate You

His blood will run
The red river deep
His screams pierce ears
This memory I'll keep
Oh my ears will ring
They will tremble with delight
And my eyes will watch
They will feast at the sight
Oh my heart will exalt
At the sight of his crimson regret
My mind, in joy, shall explode
With ecstasy, I will never forget
The red river deep
His blood will run

Who is he, this scum?
What crime, pray tell, has he done?
What crime must he pay?
Why in hell must he stay?
The biggest crime, I must admit
No one will like it one bit

I am flesh from his flesh
My blood from his blood
He disgusts me
His talking
His walking
His breathing
His living
He disgusts me
My blood from his blood
I am flesh from his flesh

My father, my father,
Your blood will run
Create a river so deep
Then you will drown
For how you've anchored me down

My father, my father,
I despise every bit that is you
I loathe everything I see in you

If murder was no crime,
You'd be more than dead by now
We'll all know it was me,
But they'll never know how

Poetry by Callisto Jean
Read 925 times
Written on 2007-02-27 at 15:44

Tags Father  Hate  Murder 

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ken d williams The PoetBay support member heart!
In the words of a saying '' Due to an ackde of biolergey , sex. We cant chose our father mother , family. But due too us having our own mind's , we can chose our own friends , and those to love those we love.. This is a para quote , my own verstion of : '' God choses our family'' '' but thank God we can chose our own friends''
Well writan , well expressed.

Ken ( D Williams )

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Overall: 5

tough write--person who is the father here must been really a loathesome entity to deserve such reproach.

betsy Firefly
Whatever would a father do to deserve this?

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