Mr. Bartender

hey mr. bartender
come pour me my drink
come add confidence to my stride
turn stagger to swagger
do the honors please

hey mr. bartender
what do you think
should i pass the next shot
so i don't trip in my heels
let me get into a fight
make a party out of the night

hey mr. bartender
come closer, over here
i wonder if it'd get out of hand
i'm gonna buy him a drink
i want to see if his girl will freak

hey mr. bartender
what if i let him lead
do you think he'll take me home
or we'll both end up alone?

bottoms up before i let you take my keys
yeah, i know. i'll be hanging on to that porcelain throne
soon, on my knees

mr. bartender, hey!
come back
i want to know, so i can skip this part
fast forward to who i'll find in my bed
to wake up the morning next to

doesn't matter if i wake up fine
or hung over from vodka, gin and wine
will somebody to stay be there?

so mr. bartender
tonight, i don't want to think
hand me my next drink

Poetry by Callisto Jean
Read 767 times
Written on 2010-02-19 at 12:55

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