Stay anger, Stay lover

We haven't talked for days
You try not to think of me
I'm here, can't stop thinking of you
We're not sure if we're okay

But neither of us can help it
It's us, not time or space,
keeping us this way

You call me
I'm already coming over
But we're just sitting there
We don't even look at each other

I've already found the words
Well-rehearsed, stuck in my head

It's not my mouth finding life easier
Shut closed
It's just that being with you
Compared to hazy memory
Now never felt so much better

We shift
I bite my lip
You clench your fist
We look the other way
Both holding in anger that won't stay

Prolonging this silly game
Savouring our feelings
Feels good, doesn't it?
Knowing they're stronger, but the same

You look over at me
Arguments are useless
We know how it's bound to go

For a person without regrets
I'll apologize a lot
For a person with too many
You won't apologize at all
I don't know if that means anything

But it doesn't matter
Save our breaths
We'll use it for something better
No more fighting each other

In each other's arms
We're alone in the world
No words need to be said
Looking at you
Looking at me
We'll speak hearts instead

We still haven't talked for days
But in the case of anger,
One that doesn't know how to stay
I want my heart closer to yours
That's if you want the same

I'll never be too far from you
That's if you want me to stay

We'll be okay

Poetry by Callisto Jean
Read 729 times
Written on 2010-02-19 at 12:49

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