Who is a Whore

i made you fall for a dream
don't worry. it's exactly what you wanted
you had no intention
but you did encourage this direction
it was still my decision
and you should've caught it
lies in all i do and say

dad, i'm no sweet angel
mom, you were right not to trust

i've drank those pretty drinks
until they got to my head

i've smoked those cigarettes
from the mouth of the boy i like in my bed

i've been out late
that you know
but i never told you
about the crazy nights dancing
or sweat soaked shirts
becoming see through

i've kissed boys
i haven't got enough fingers and toes
not for you and me to count, mommy
like when you taught me back then
it makes me think i'll have to learn again

no matter how much i clean my mouth
nothing you can do about its dirty history
no, not just from the bad words
the ones that have found a home in my mouth
it tastes good, if you only knew
not just the words, mommy

is this weird, mom?
what stories have i deprived you?
how about this one
i've deprived myself of my wedding bed
first base to home run,
let's keep it short
i had a lot of fun

now there's a home for a boy
not just in my arms

we've been through a lot
taxi, elevator, sauna, staircase
table tops, restaurants, and work
in the shower, the movies, an alley...let's see
his bed of course
living room, dining and kitchen
and when he does me, mommy
everybody stops to listen

do you want to learn more, mommy? daddy?
the truth sounds fascinating to me
so you see, mommy, daddy

dad, i'm no sweet angel
mom, you were right not to trust

Poetry by Callisto Jean
Read 736 times
Written on 2010-02-19 at 13:08

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