Trying my best to find the thoughts and feelings in me that best echo the internal similarities we share as human beings,despite all our differences.

An Out-of-Shell Experience

My own family doesn't have a clue as to who I truly am in respect to how I feel or what I consider important.My friends are unaware of what makes me cry but all too familar with what makes me laugh.I have a serious lack of interaction that involves anything serious.It's as if I'm living a double life when it comes to writing.
It's getting lonely inside this head of mine and how I long to share myself completely and honestly with others.I hope the day comes where my thoughts and feelings can be shared with more than just me.
Writing promises to to be my chance at sharing my distinctions with the world.Maybe one day,people will read these words and experience some answers to things like:Love,Pain,Kindness,Rain and everything in between.
I have feelings of it all and possible explanations to the Orphans as well as the Kings that wander inside themselves,wondering if anyone understands.
The power of relation;it can free us from the grips of being misunderstood.
I want to belong to someone who belongs to me and together- we will belong to the world.Together we will say,"YOU TOO?"

Poetry by brian paglia
Read 747 times
Written on 2007-03-01 at 20:37

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Sometimes I feel the same...I relate to this..You have deep feelings and know how to control it on paper...Good work.
Loved reading it!