It's no wonder that I'm under
all this lightning,all this thunder's
got me searching,for the worst things
mind is purging,heart is bursting
soul is taking,tolls that make these
nervous breakdowns so forsaking
seems insanity, has plans for me
but fantasy has granted me
a chance to be, the last to see
the changes that have massed in me
the only thing thats holding me
consoling me; is poetry
but even words are knowingly
controlling what is molding me

for those who chose to get this close
I know it must be difficult
but my false hopes and broken dreams
awoke this lonely ghost in me
this dope,this rope,this wooden beam
amounts to what is choking me

Poetry by brian paglia
Read 784 times
Written on 2007-03-02 at 09:47

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la tristesse
i love that you don't wallow in your pain but rather utilise the poems to exorcise it and pass on aversion of the feeling to others so that they know you a little more

You really have a talent and pain escapes through your poems
I love reading your powerful descriptive poems...very good work