No Angel

I am no angel...far from it, I do the best I can and yet I sin like the rest of man but I try to exist above it...
Shit, I make mistakes but can only hope you focus on my hand, outstretched and rough from calasses of hope
I try to give that much of me at the sake of my own skin
I am not fake or leave things hidden within
I make judgments by sight and on delving deeper I leave paths riddled with steps...steeper, in and out, up, down and sideways...sometimes lost on Escher like byways...

I do hope she prays to change her mind and change with time
Rewind my clock and think of a few short months ago when we all shared similar dreams
We all now hear her tortured screams, and lament in its pain
We are trapped in disdain from all the lies as they try the very fabric of our loyalty that was always born to be us
There is nothing more without trust as self inflicted wounds thrust a new truth

I am sick she says as rainbows fade to only she said...I am sick
Think quick as you throw sticks and stones but beware your bones are brittle when alone
Collapse and fall from your throne
Queen of indignity mean and cold
I give up my hand now and fold inwards, outwards into a ball to be thrown out in the trash
Destiny cant last when the present becomes the past
She is immortal in the face of time as she takes 2 steps forward and one step down
Below the earth into the dark, cold ground it worth it...Here where silence is golden and sold by the ounce
Even if I know that she needs it in pounds, Its hard to be still and muffle the sounds
Complete and profound in nature as we make sure she is calm as we tame her

It may already be to late as time does eventually fade as the night wades into day after day after day and these scars burn hard on my face from her mouth and from her hands outstretched and rough to inflict wounds
destroying my words of Hope...

They used to touch her and crush her on the inside...
Now they burn the pages with nobody to read
Nobody to feel , so I give in and kneel to concede defeat, more like a retreat back to sanity
Compassion was my passion but I have now completely given up on humanity

...and now in the end as she always wanted and screamed to me...

I can finally be silent...

Poetry by TheNakedPoet
Read 575 times
Written on 2008-01-30 at 08:47

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this poem is one of the best ive read ever
and im not just saying so
i am looking foward to reading more of your work