Another spoken word. Written shortly after a break up with a seemingly good one. Tough cookies.

Do You Feel

Do you feel an emptiness knowing that we are done?
No more fun, but come...
Come in and stay for a while, relax and just smile
Unwind and remind
Yourself that time and wealth don't matter
It's the laughter spent together
The memories never shatter
And hopefully the miseries will no longer be
Cast out to you cuz you're a real cool dude
Though others don't believe, I do
The truth behind the little time shared between us 2
Was just a fraction of all the lovely interaction that would be betrothed unto you

But do you really feel me in this poetry I read?
Or do I need to forget about what's inside of me?
Because if you dare to see, visualize a seed
So powerful would it be, if water could reach deep
No need to worry about my analogies, I'm just trying to see...

Do you feel me?

Poetry by katiiieanne
Read 989 times
Written on 2007-03-08 at 02:53

Tags Relationship  Heartbreak 

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ah love, sometimes it lasts a long time and sometimes not, our hearts are in the air, to be caught with smiles, hopefully.