up late...wishing for the day to come soon. *meaning: love is only true when you are equally true to one another...

'til tomorrow!

i hope you're thinking of me
cuz i know i can't stop thinking of you
oh how i want this to last
i don't want to begin...2 fast,
it might be fake
another heartbreak just around the corner

but as I turn the page
on my clouded thoughts
i gaze into the past
of my heart
i know why it was torn apart...

i loved him 4ever before the start
i jumped the gun, and he never followed...

a hollow love brought sorrow because
it takes his & hers to last til tomorrow

Poetry by katiiieanne
Read 1239 times
Written on 2007-06-22 at 07:33

Tags Love  Romance  Breakups 

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Rob Graber
Some people think unrequited love is romantic; maybe it is, but only in a tragic way for the unloved! Plus, it isn't much fun for anyone (unless the beloved takes sadistic pleasure in the other's heartbreak). Anyway, this is a sweet coming-of-age poem, katiiieanne!

absolutely true! this is so deep
love is a two way street,and you also mention that you have been hurt before but your not punishing anyone for someone elses mistakes
it takes a strong woman to open herself to to love again after being hurt
you write from the heart
loved it