about a little yogurt drink that is dear to me...


They say that you are to be, for me, quite healthy
A cure, or at least a speedy recovery, for the most common disease,
Indeed this sparked my attention
Seeing as you are already my addiction,
As I investigate this demonstration of greatness
I find nothing that supports the former beliefs of fate
To live in this cloud of adoration
I will. To be laced in this exquisite poison
Lingering upon the lips of eternity
Now may I take this salute of possibility?
No enmity seen in my fatal forecast
The sweet nectar, my love, at last!
What to come upon me with this taste?
Nothing but blissful simplicity and a little fear of haste,
Because if I too quickly dishonor this blessing,
To who may soon govern my liquor-obsessing!?
Lord, consider this to be my empty heart,
A mirror caste upon a mirror, a wall with no fragment of art,
Filling my body like a breath to my soul,
I take this fluid as the saving blood, mine to hold
And dear will it be, a quench of my life into sheer complete
Serenity in idolatry if consumed correctly

Poetry by katiiieanne
Read 989 times
Written on 2007-03-08 at 03:10

Tags Drinks  Healthy  Happiness 

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