just a thought.

a day.

i learned how to wrestle from a friend today, i learned how to wrestle with my friend today, because there are people in the world today, that i may need to wrestle.

i made a coffee to drink last night, i brewed it and added some irish cream, because although i'm not irish, i like to add some fantasy to the world i see, so i added the cream to the coffee.

 i tried to explain that i'm not running away today, or that i'm aware of the consequences, flying isn't running, but i have no wings, just the scapulas, apparently i don't understand psychology because it's about me, when i understand it perfectly well every day,  but not today.

 i heard a rumor about a guy today, that he cheated on his girl for months, i heard this yesterday, and that she found out after they broke up, and now no one is happy - just because of one guy. what a day.

 i listened to my friends bitch about life today, and yesterday and every day. i listened to them bitch all day - about other people and their lives. i think we should live a little than bitch about that, maybe we should live today as today. the carpe diem thing, today.

just a day.

i think we should live our lives day to day, today. i think we should live moment by moment today multiplied  by infinity, which is infinte. than we have so many todays to live, and not as much time to define them - so we can live today.


Poetry by Zachary P. B.
Read 811 times
Written on 2007-03-08 at 15:12

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this insight is where you end up after a lot of time wondering and questioning.

finally, you see it's just best to let it be.
just live, and see.

Kathy Lockhart
this is very unique MSZ. I love the repetition of the theme throughout. Its like a circle, full and complete, no beginning and no end. Clever!