Understanding knowing being



In the most exhiliarating thrill breath thou art a part of me

thine in essence sustains fragrance within

Thine shape in form of my being.

As I draw thee and exhale thee in feel of

thine embrace fill my being with thine gracious flow

in unions of vows and bonds fulfilled.

In thy warmth of pacified embrace in all silent

easeful breaths dost hear thine sweet sounds in each

melodious grace.

In wholesome growth of understanding thou dost

tend to my souls call in all thine in divine restore

in thy ever flowing springs of lifes breath in all.

Poetry by angelwings
Read 799 times
Written on 2007-03-14 at 05:31

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while reading this poem
i did so easily
thank you

Zoya Zaidi
A nice poem celebrating the phenomenon of just being!
Love, Zoya


Wangdi Gyalpo
Well I am afraid to tell you that I am not so sophisticated as you think. However, I am going to write something to you. I wish to comment that it is not advisable and wise to use archaic/old fashioned words such as Thou, thee and dost. You see these words are no longer in use, particularly from modern era. Apart from that it is not necessary that each and every person in the world will comprehened the true meaning of those words. So as far as possible try to use in current English. Onething more, always submit your finished product for the viewers to read it in any poetry portal. It seemed to me that you have not edited the poetry properly or may be typing mistake. Though it is true that poet gets liberty in using language however, that doesn't mean that poet can play with grammar. Somewhere in your poem, the first person personal pronoun 'I' is typed in small letter. It should be avoided.

Overall, your poetry is nice and I found spontaneous flow.

One last tip, the secret of good writing is not writing, it is re-writing. Edit your work as many time as possible. Sometime, it is advisable to review your own poem after long gap as during the gap you may gather more information and knowledge about your own work.

Bon Voyage to the world of eternal bliss i.e. world of poetry.

Wangdi Gyalpo
P.S. Try to provide some information about yourself in your page and past one photo too.