This is my latest (finished) write. Kinda an interesting tale of love, hatred and revenge. So let me kind of lead into what is going on here...The "narrator" finds a special someone he is quite fond of but for some reason he's uneasy. Then...

Costly Chaos

Lost the battle or the war.
Now just trying to hold my head up,
because it sinks in towards the ground.
She came straight out of nowhere,
just like a bat straight out of hell.
Welcome smile and strange twinkle in her eye,
to find that both I should have minded.
Blowing out the candle burning wildly out of control.
She justs wants to play around.
There's no winner in this game.

I try to keep her head held still,
but she just likes to tear my heart out.
I would tell you we don't fight about it.
And the bloodstains, on the carpet.
Would tell you so much more.
Oh, but it's not me.
No, I'm not the one who throws it all away.
If she would only just stay,
seated in such a way.
I could give just what I want to her,
without her reasonable advice.
Quiet my child say not a single word.
This time the evil doing is all mine,
so just try to understand.

I try to keep her head held still,
and let all the blood drain out.
I would tell you I prepared myself,
And the bloodstains, on the carpet.
Give away way to say it's me.
If there was one to be at fault,
you know she's the one to blame.
If she would just hold her head,
back far in such a way.
I could dare insert the blade.
Cut the wires from deep within,
and sever off the brain.
Take the time to drag the knife against the maiden's grain.
Making sure to make it right,
and make her feel the pain.

Wind the noose but keep it tight.
For I know my name is stained.
If ever was a guilty party,
you know she's the one to blame.
All she did was spread her love,
and contaminate my brain.
All she did was mess this up,
and drive me half insane.
Slit her wrists and drag a cut.
An open wound to bury me in,
bury me six feet underneath.

Poetry by Jeff
Read 895 times
Written on 2007-03-14 at 15:20

Tags Love  Hate  Revenge 

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