Yes indeed, another one! I really am sorry for tormenting you like this but...
Haha, anyway, this is the third love letter and is quite an interesting and touching one. Interestingly enough, from what I know this one is my gf's favorite of the three. Wh

Etched In Stone - Love Letter #3

Eighteen, oh what a dream to say the least,
not to be forgotten his days of comfort found.
A veil that once got lifted, the day she came around.
Keeping himself unsober running from the reaper.
She came along and ended all the sleepless nights,
riddled with the bullets from the nightmares.
He saved her, but she kept him from dying.

Now, he's hooked on her you see it in his eyes.
He has a hand that's made for holding hers.
He lays down his sweet symphanies,
that only she would listen to.
No one else would take the shit.
But you can see it in their eyes,
their suspended in a moment that only they can understand.

That boy's running from a noose for her.
He keeps her locked within his heart,
but she hides their willingly sometimes.
What are you to do when you're hooked on being two.
But love is never lost until the loved get lost.
Their hiding in a moment that only they can understand.

Growing old and withering away,
it's not his price to be.
He never dreamed he's lived past twenty-one.
She keeps him around for "just a little longer".
She says she needs him here.
It's in her eyes they're full of fear,
a longing to never be alone.
How could he leave her here?

It's a silent cold that fills the air.
But there's nobody too sad here.
The uniforms of black around, would tell you otherwise.
Two souls that floated in the wind at night.
No you won't find them here...
Lovers gone, a love at last to be eternally etched in stone.
It's what they would have wanted,
everybody knows that here.
Two souls were swept away,
but you won't find them here...
Their suspended in a moment that only they will understand.

Poetry by Jeff
Read 644 times
Written on 2007-03-10 at 23:45

Tags Love  Devotion  Soulmates 

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