Hello again. By now I'm sure you've realized I like to deep root my meanings into my poems. Anyway, here's another interesting bit I wrote recently. Not too hard but not so simple either. Hopefully you will enjoy it.

The Victim

Who are you? Well who are you to say goodbye?
You lied and cheated now you're where you want to be.
All these problems yet all you do is run.
A victim of your own deception you now have become.

They took your life without consent.
Robbed you of your soul, right in front of your face.
No one was ready here, for such a lonely place.
In our everyday we find, a victim quite so commonplace.
That it would blow your mind.

He wanted to get within you, he wanted to cause you pain.
Victory isn't reassured so you prepare yourself for loss.
Defeated at the bloodied hands of time.
Who can save you now? No one can save you now.

He wanted to get within you, and rob you of your innocence.
Had you falling for his whole demeanor of lies and of deceit.
Keeping silent as you place your own head on the chopping block.
A disease that festers underneath, a evil quite akin.

You are the victim.
You are the victim.
Losing all your self-control.
You are the victim.
You are the victim.
Biting off the hand that feeds you.
You are the victim.
You are the victim.
But who could really need you?

You've lost all your self respect.
A little message off your chest would do just fine.
Becoming helpless as life slips through your fingers.
No chance to be saved now, as the darkness falls on down.

Poetry by Jeff
Read 588 times
Written on 2007-04-03 at 19:45

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