Spare The Whip

And once again I chase the night,
Got me a new rope to bind him tight.

New stilettos with sparkles in red,
Riding hard my sleek thoroughbred.

They swing all day within the breeze,
So well hung hanging to his knees.

Watching from afar, licking my lips,
I love the way the leather fits my grip.

Spare the whip and spoil the husband, I always say,
Tonight I will make him wear a black negligee.

Spank him solid with my golden feather,
I'm in charge wearing my new black pleather.

Poetry by Queen
Read 908 times
Written on 2007-03-14 at 20:25

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lol you are too funny... so is it a red or black negligé you think he'd like? lol i had quite the vivid scene in mind with this... :) :f xx

aliceramone go girl...good write with an excellent flow...well done

lol dress him up in silk and lace, watch the blood hit his face, he will smile then go down, and give a ride to the best in town :D