Written for my bestest buddy, Richard. I think it's neat that Richard and Diamond have the same number of letters.

For My Diamond

As the blood falls into the earth from this sparkling diamond,
Many are stunned, as for I, my conscience has been summoned,
It must be diluted, this poisonous ink,
Into the paper, so pure, these venomous words - they sink,
No one shall read these literary lies,
For even in the act of condemnation, will I burn this obscenity, unerased by time,
This disease I have seen a time or 2,
So when it seems as though you've been confused by truth,
A pilot lost in the sky, contemplating your instrument's real use,
Trust be true, it is I you should choose,
So abandon your mind, hold close your instrumental guide
And with faith, hope, and love, you shall escape this retched demise,
Through conditions of severe darkness, shall never you lose the sparkle in your eyes,
My word is so pure, you are a diamond in my sky.

Poetry by katiiieanne
Read 991 times
Written on 2007-03-15 at 03:38

Tags Love  Diamond  Beauty 

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Ah, dear poet who thinks deeply... thy well is filled with the most wondrous images! Methinks this is an enchanted forest filled with treasures! Fine writing, most certainly!

A pilot lost in the sky, contemplating your instrument's real use,
I like that metaphor.
Very nice. A good write to a friend!