a Story

His State of Mind (How to deal)

His emotional hardships
had also destroyed his
so much so he now
had a gun to his temple

He wanted to but everyone
he knew, knew he was too
strong to do it
what ever it was that
ailed him somehow someway
he'd get through it

There were ppl. who needed him
that was more important
than his pain
yet to make it thru everyday
was beginning to be a strain

He knew how to handle
the hurt he'd become disconnected
but there were more ppl. in
his life now and they wouldn't
accept it

He knows as the years go by
it won't hurt less time doesn't
In this case whoever says or
believes that are morons and baffoons

He knew it was more like being an
alcoholic he'd have to take it day
by day
there would be good and bad
days, but this pain was here to stay.

He'd have days where it'd hurt alot
and days where he could smile
although the pain would be unbearable
he'd make it through for that was
his style

He'd be constantly asked
How do you feel
and he'd smile and say fine
in his mind that was
the only way to DEAL..

Poetry by Will
Read 477 times
Written on 2007-03-19 at 20:02

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that was truly grate I enjoyed it deeply .even though your story sounds like your life with your friend.It is my fav.I am enjoying your talents more and more thaxs my friend you really make me want to open up my world of words and inspirations thaxs so much.lol you are the best at this.keep flowing but heal the hurt pleezzzzzzz LOL