Island Song

I live on an Island under the Dutch Kingdom. Aruba, where the beaches are white as ivory and the weather smiles upon you most of the year.

Originally I am Venezuelan, yet my parents moved to this small island when I was 5.

Today, a 22 year old aspiring poet/writer/artist realizes that soon she will take off and leave this jewel island behind, but before she leaves she has decided to will leave a part of her in the culture of this place.

My beginnings must undoubtedly be entombed among the palm trees and rosy white beaches, along the corals of this island's mystique.

So was born my desire to write in the native tongue which for years was part of my every exchange of words.

I will submit their translations for those who have never read Papiamento at all.

I'm sure it will eventually spark a curiosity to know this island paradise.



Poetry by Autie
Read 633 times
Written on 2007-03-19 at 23:22

Tags Culture  Island  Roots 

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Rob Graber
Great goal to write poetry in Papiamento! Are there also poems--traditional or contemporary--you could post in translation?

Ah, darling poet, it has always been my fantasy to live in an island paradise. You have lived my dream! When you leave, where will you go and what will you do? I am fascinated by your life, dear one.