Poem in the native tongue of the island where I grew up.

La vida es un carnaval

Sinta su so den oscuridad,
Sitting alone in the darkness,

wowo habri, pero cansa,
eyes open but tired,

numa, e no ta hanja su paz.
yet still, she doesn't find her peace.

Tur e brillo cu e por capta,
All the glow she can capture

di nan cara enmascara,
from their masked faces,

numa, e no por lesa e realidad.
yet still, she can't read the reality.

Su curazon, bati ta bati,
Her heart is pounding,

tur ansha,
in anxiety,

numa awo, nan ta sconde loke tabata.
yet until now they hide what once was.

Silencio! Stop!
Silence! Stop!

Para keto eynan!
Stand still there!

- mi ta zapatea -
- I stomp -

Pakiko insisti den bisti e mascara dorna?
Why insist on wearing the decorated mask?

Esaki no ta carnaval!
This is not carnival!

Palabra na luga di decoracion,
Words instead of decoration,

Futuro briyante; payet,
Brilliant future; paillettes.

Felicidad ... Glitter,
Happiness ... Glitter,

Stenchi, sorry ta miho.
Rhynestuds, sorry it's better.

Tog porta ta carnaval.
It still may be carnival.

E mascara carroza pa desvia atencion,
The mask float to deviate attention,

fo'i excena deplora.
from the deplorable scene.

Tras di e linja blanco,
Behind the white line,

den mata scondi,
in the bushes hidden,

tin acto di pensamento ignora.
there are acts of ignored thoughts.

Hacimi ignorante,
Make me ignorant,

di e transparencia di bo plan,
of the transparenci of your plan,

Ya... ma awo ta laat,
Hence ... now it is too late,

mi mes sa!
even I know it!

Ba kere ma keda confia y ignora?
Did you think I kept trusting and ignoring,

E pluma ta real!
The feather is real!

Mi si ta noble di berdad,
I really am noble in truth,

wantabo na laria ora bo mester a cai.
held you up when you had to fall.

Den e anochi di e recuerdo,
During the night of the memory,

di bo parada mascara,
of your masquerade,

mi a dicidi,
I decided,

miho mi lubida, miho mi ignora.
it's best I forget, I better ignore.

Al fin asina, nos por djodja,
Finally that way, we can enjoy,

"La vida es un carnaval."
"La vida es un carnaval."

Poetry by Autie
Read 720 times
Written on 2007-03-20 at 00:00

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Impressive! A splendid poem that showcases languages as well as fine images! I am so proud of you. Certainly, you have a bright future. Smiling and admiring, here!

Rob Graber
It's really enlightening to see both languages. Way to go!

F.i.in.e Moods The PoetBay support member heart!
la vie est un carnaval, yep :) this is written very well, it took me on a journey of sorts, really... and also, being a language nut that i am :D i truly enjoyed reading the native tongue from where you grew up... dumb question probably, but what is the language you speak? thanks for sharing this beautiful poem :) *hugs* xx