Will you inspired me to write this because of the poem you wrote about your friend.....I hope you both heal from your pain


You've seen the best of me
you've tasted the worst side of my soul
you know me better than anyone else
but still you never seem to understand

It's a dying heart that speaks to you now
Emerging from a sea of guilt
a sea with waves of sorrow, never sailed before

you seem to me like an old memory
like the ones we dream of by the time of death
when we remember all the good and bad
and you... i've hurted you so...

I never came to realize all the pain i could bring you
you, you were my best friend, my lover, my soul
And still I can only treat you bad...

I cover my shamefull face with my hands
... what have I done?
destroying your dream
killing your soul
I dont deserve you angel... never did

and you know better than this
for I'm not human
I'm the dreadfull heartless shadow
of all that you dream that i could ever be

I'm weak, and I'm selfish
I'm cruel to you and I'm stupid
But forgive me to remind you... I am all this
But deep inside, I love you

I said i love you and I sware I do
just cant seem to be as perfect as you wanted me
I tried to be all those things,
healthy, happy, sweet .... all just for you

but i'm not built like that, never was
and i'm sorry if I ever treated you bad
never meant to do it
it's just me, the fullish person you said you love so much.

Poetry by TeeTee
Read 468 times
Written on 2007-03-20 at 15:55

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Thank You, I enjoyed the read...