Today is the day
I vow my love to you
To love and to cherish
Always be faithful and true

Today is the day
I give you my heart, my mind
When times get tough
I promise not to leave you behind

Today is the day
I give you my breath, my hands, my all
Through the storm and rain
My name you can always call

Today is the day
I vow to forgive and forget
I promise not to remember our past
And marrying you I will never regret
I'll always Love only you"Will"

Poetry by TeeTee
Read 941 times
Written on 2007-07-16 at 04:43

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Amanda K
I could relate to it since my wedding day is soon. beautiful emotions expressed.

Winston Latanafrancia Soldevilla
Hi! You have taken my breath away by your lovely and sweet words. I would rather say you are so romantic. Your love is unconditional. If I am the man I guess I should say:
"So, I profess to you my dear love
That through fire and water
Through sickness and in health
I will stay by your side.
And I promise to you my dear love
That through thick and thin
'till death do we part I'll be yours forever and always."
Thanks for sharing!

Lea Foverskov
beautiful poem!