This is to my ex boyfriend Chris. even tho he will never see it.  im still goin to make it.

I Remember....

I remember the first time we met

We stayed up talkin to each other all night.

I remember first time we talked on the phone,

I remember your voice

I remember hearing you say "i love you"

Everytime you said that my heart melted

I remember we stayed on the phone for hours everynight

I remember calling you everynight,

Sometime's we just stayed on the phone and listen to each other breathe

I remember hearing you say "i miss you"

I remember every song i sung to you

I remember every song you sung to me

I remember EVERYTHING!

I cant get you out of my mind

Even when im with other guys

I still conpare them with you!

Even though i told you i would never talk to you again,

I want to talk to you!

But you wont talk to me,

I hear all the things you call me,

You call me a stupid bitch, a whore, a slut and all the other bad things!

But i know you,

I know you still love me,

I cant stop thinking about all the great times we had!

But then i remember all the things you did to me

And that just rips me apart!

You hurt me 

You hurt me really bad!

But  I hurt you to.

And im sorry for that

But i just wanted to say,

I remember,

I remember EVERYTHING!

Everything we did,

Everything we talked about

And everything we did to each other!



Poetry by Mitzi
Read 596 times
Written on 2007-03-21 at 18:43

Tags Lostlove 

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Learn well and never froget darling. It is what helps us grow!!!