Just another tribute to the
Top Bodybuilders in the world
Looking forward to the 2007 Mr. Olympia after last year's BS

Bodybuilding's Best Once Again

Jay Cutler is now
Mr.Olympia #1 th man
in bodybuilding land
only good no great
thing about that is
no more whining
from his fans

Ronnie Coleman
still the man to beat
after this year's defeat
I know Jay and everyone
at the Olympia will
feel the heat

Victor Martinez
This year's golden boy
Victor's dialed it in this
year it's been a long time
coming Vic enjoy

Gustavo Badell
kind of getting lost
in the shuffle
but Gustavo will be
on top still he
has top quality muscle

Phil Heath AKA
the Gift I call him
the coming
everyone better
win what they can
because after Ronnie
retires and Victor get
past his prime Phil taking
the title and running

Branch Warren He's kind
of a really odd man
but if you're into
gigantic muscles and
just freakish size
then you have to be
a Branch fan

Dexter Jackson yes
still nicknamed the Blade
Dexter said he will not
do the Olympia anymore
I'm afraid

Toney Freeman
yes, it's the X-man
42 and still going
strong I'm a fan

Johnny Jackson
I have no idea
where's Johnny's at
His biggest trick this
year in bodybuilding
has been his
disappearing act

Big Markus Ruhl
The German Giant
made an impressive
He even brought up
some bodyparts where
he noticable lacked

Gunter Schlierkamp
retired after the Mr. Olympia
what do you know
after his showing Gunter is
a nice guy but I can't say
I'm sorry to see him go

Vince Taylor Bodybuilding's
senior citzen
Vince looks good for his age
but truthfully everyone would
have to come in off for him to
have a 10% chance to win

There you have it
Bodybuilding best
I'd like to extend a shout
out to Dennis Wolf, Ronny Rockel,
Silvio Samuel, Mark Dugdale
Markus Haley and all the rest

It's takes will, disicipline, knowlegde,
and nerve to do what you do
so despite Ronnie Coleman being
my all time favorite bodybuilder I'd
like to say Good Luck and congrats
on being the best to all of you

Poetry by Will
Read 480 times
Written on 2007-03-27 at 16:47

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this is well writen which doesn't surprise me coming from you.You have took your knowledge to great lengths here great write keep flowing my friend