Identity Crisis (Kiddo Give Me Back)

I can't reach me
I don't know
who I am
To do what was
best for everyone
and move on
that was the

I'm trying hard to focus
get my head
where it belongs
on my wife & Son
because at the end of
the day it all comes down
to them

I'm trying to be there
I'm just not all there
that to my family
is just not fair

I can only be who
I can be despite who
I want to be
I'm doing my best for
now I'm trying my best
to do me

I know it's still there
the concern, the advice
the love
but I miss you so much
so everything what still is
feels like just was

Doodle Boodles, Dollface
I'm making my best effort
to get thru this God knows
I'm trying
I smile, I love when all
I feel like doing is crying

I know I will make it
Beyond and Despite this
but will I ever be me
again that's my Identity Crisis

Poetry by Will
Read 410 times
Written on 2007-04-03 at 18:07

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Zoya Zaidi
When the mind is in turmoil,
You know not you are coming or going,
When dilemma grips you tight,
And you are unable to fight,
Demons of your inner self.
You try to home in on those
Who matter to you the most.
And make all the sacrifice!

I hope you are rewarded in your effort?

((Hugs dear Will))
All the best to you!
Your friend