If You Could Really See

I greet you with a smile
but if you could really see
the pain beyond that smile
that would be the real me

If you could really see
you'd know that look
in my eyes
beyond the camoflauge
that look that cries

If you could really see
you'd look thru the mask
oh by the way don't bother
I'll say fine if you ask

If you could really see
you'd know I'm not O kay
although there's nothing
you can do or say

If you could really see
you'd see the pain
and if you look deeper
you'd know I'll never
be the same again..

Poetry by Will
Read 539 times
Written on 2007-04-04 at 16:43

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This is nice a great poem u have written

If u could really see
that your poem is more than what u see

you are a great writer, i enjoy reading your works.
Keep it up

Kathy Lockhart
Will this expresses your heart's condition, your deepest emotions, your courage, your pain, and your character. You are a fine man and I hope happiness shines on you today and each of your days for the rest of your life.

...if you could really see,
you'd know that this piece
is filled with glee
worth ten times a read or more...

...a handy work of poetry this is...