Based on an convo shared with a new writing friend

MY LIGHT, My Son (A Mushy Father)

Since my son's birth
I lived by one belief
it's helped me thru
tough times it's even
helped me sleep

All the world's beauty
is in the heart of a child
with all the happiness
being in the smile

My son doesn't even
have to try to get a
smile out of me
My smile is in my
heart when I see
him yelling for
me Happily

I can almost hear his
thoughts "I don't really
know who this guy is
but I like him."
"He seems to like when i
call him DA-DA so let's
do that then."

Then I pick him up he thinks
"I like when he does this,
this guy is crazy."
Where's that thing him
and Mom's always talking
into what did they say it was
things are kind of hazy"

"Hey look he has them
things Mom puts in his
"What did they say they were
again Oh Yeah Braids".

"I like to pull on these
and DA-DA doesn't make
me stop."
I lay on the bed with him
" Oh look it's Dad's Clock."

" If I can just make my way
over there, to see what making
that red light."
"Uhh, what Mom what do you
mean stop it look at it, it's
so bright."

"It's time for bed Da-Da
give me hugs and kisses."
"You're not going to be
here when I wake up."
"Where do you go what do
you do, and why can't I go
too." "Anyway I love you."

That seems to be the conversation
me and my son share every morning
afternoon and night
and as a parent you can relate
that's why you'll understand
when I say he is My Light..


Love You Doodle Boodles

Poetry by Will
Read 501 times
Written on 2007-04-11 at 19:17

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betsy Firefly
Rhere's nothing like the love of a small child! That complete trust!

Kathy Lockhart
sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet! nothing better than a baby's smile and especially if its all for you. : ) loving this one Will. : )

Loved this poem! You obviously are crazy in love with your son! Mushy father is good! You son will know he is loved and wanted!
Great write! I'm so happy you wrote it! Its made me smile!
I wish all the best to you and your son!