Written some years ago

A Prayer for a Friend

I don't even pretend
To know the way
I haven't done it in years
So this is the way I pray

I can't see into her heart
To know whether she's good or bad
But the one thing I know
Is I can't bear when she's sad

The one thing I pray for
Is for her to be happy
And if you have sadness for her
Please I'll take that misery

Words can't really describe
How special she is to me
And if the burden is mine doesn't matter
As long as she's as happy as she can be

What she's looking for
Is not too much to ask
And I'll help anyway I can
Until she's her happiest at last

I'll do whatever it takes
To look out for Michele my friend
Make her the most happy she can be
In God's name I pray


Poetry by Will
Read 507 times
Written on 2007-04-12 at 20:07

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A beautiful prayer for your friend!
Another great write!

Amanda K
a sweet prayer that i hope that will be answered.


Kathy Lockhart
your love of your friend is beautiful as are your prayers.

betsy Firefly
As long as we ask anything in Jesus' name, God will hear us! And Jesus WAS God!!

Beautifully penned,

A selfless prayer.