Lazily reading William Wordsworth and Gerald Gould on a riverbank without a care for time.

That perfect summer day

To laze upon a riverbank,
On a sunny summers day,
Shaded by a weeping willow,
Time, moving unhurriedly on its way,

Times leisurely movement,
Follows the rivers languid course,
No timepiece to check the minutes,
To cajole or homewards force,

In the company of Wordsworth and Gould,
Is there a more idyllic way?
To lay upon a river bank,
On a halcyon summer's day,

Poetry by Albert
Read 562 times
Written on 2005-11-17 at 01:53

Tags Leisure  Pleasure  Idyllic 

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Produces a lovely image to relax in, and you picked good company to, a nice piece. :-)