From the aftermath of the Tsunami, many Earthquakes, London Bombings, devastating Hurricanes, Famines and Floods we can look forward to 2006 with………...

I am the year 2005

I am gone forever
Hell personified through havoc wreaked
Memories of tragedies
Bequeathed to you
And your loved ones
Lives forever streaked

My hand lain on so many
Screaming devastatingly crushing blows
Immeasurable forces unleashed
Unspeakable powers of destruction
Remembered for eternity
Armageddon superimposed

My hand was also gentle
A whispered touch fleeting as gossamer sheer
Bringing goodness and kindness
Intermingled with hope
Optimism springing eternally
I am the past year

AVW~December 2005

Poetry by Albert
Read 1415 times
Written on 2005-12-31 at 13:21

Tags Death  Hope  Destruction 

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I like this poem very much... it sums up the year in a very broad, but very true way... there is a lot to look forward to in 2006.