I wrote this "lovers poem" some time ago but have given it a makeover rewrite.

The boy of no significance

Tell me oh my sweet love,
Are thou as loving and as true?
As the day that we both promised,
They'd be only me and only you,
Or have you found another?
Who is gentle who is kind?
Have you tossed away our ring?
That forever us would bind?

For I was of no significance,
When we first fell in love,
You; the squire's daughter,
On a pedestal high above,
So I travelled all the seven seas,
A fortune to amass to build,
Soon I will return my love,
My objectives all fulfilled.

Though the sea divides us,
Though we be in different lands,
My thoughts are with you constantly,
My love for you expands,
It grows each minute of each day,
Each dream is filled with you,
I love you now as I did then,
My wandering days nigh through,

I've found gold in old America,
Hoards of diamonds in Brazil,
The reddest rubies in Madagascar,
Our love chest for to fill,
I am now a wealthy man,
With a fortune and much land,
Soon I will return to you,
I am now worthy of your hand,

Oh my love my precious love,
Have you waited these long years for me?
Have you yearned for my return?
Just as I have yearned for thee,
In a few days I will be homeward bound,
To be forever at your side,
Then you my love my precious love,
Will be my exquisite gentle bride.

AVW ~06th October 2005 Rewrite January 2006

Poetry by Albert
Read 1406 times
Written on 2006-01-05 at 00:13

Tags Love  Happiness  Hope 

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Hi ! Aww ..a poem / text truly etched from the heart ... and in this part , yours !
I can see this one spoken over a lovely
glass of chardonney ... Cheers ! ... Great !
Glen ( GB )

Would she wait or would she not
I for one forget me not
This time is long, and memory short
Who is the boy I have forgot.
As always Albert you feel for true romance and once more you kiss the paper with a poets imagination :-))