When what you have to say won't come out.
just a little word play


If I could say
what I had
to say
I probably would
say it the wrong

So I watch closely
what I say
and refrain from
speaking it
and choose to pray

I keep it inside
day after day
still choosing
to watch what
I say

thinking inside of
me is the best
place for it to stay
some that know me
know I have something
to say

Knowing that words
have power I say
and continue to watch
what I say

Knowing that it's misunderstood
at times the real message
that's trying to be conveyed
I choose to continue
to watch what I say

This was just a piece
because I felt like
a little word play
I really have nothing
left to say

Hope it was as much fun to read as it was to write

Poetry by Will
Read 443 times
Written on 2007-04-24 at 14:52

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Kathy Lockhart
This was fun Will. I love the word play and say I love the way your say what you don't say in this most clever word play you've written today. : )

Elle The PoetBay support member heart!
Yes it was fun to read - and I know exactly what you were going to say or not say lol

Elle x

It was alot of fun to read! I really enjoyed it. and its true sometimes when you want to say something it just wont come out or it doesnt come out the right way.. so why say anything at all?!
Great work, LOVED it *Smiling*