A cold dude that's good with the Heaters


Be careful this snowman
ain't scared to carry
the heaters
and if he has to burn
someone all the better,
the sweeter

He can turn it up to
99 with the two
or if it's really cold
out there on the streets
he can turn it up to 1111
with the two Mach 11s Ahhh
much better

He had plenty of burners
if you want to turn up
the heat
or he could get cold
and cut you with the
razor if that was your
preferred treat

Never has a cat been
so cold that was this
gifted with the burners
he could get all types
heaters and if he didn't
know how to use them
he was a good learner

He didn't come alive until
they put the magic
heaters in his hand
but then it was watch
out if you saw him

Poetry by Will
Read 674 times
Written on 2007-04-27 at 17:16

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you got me here lmao and enjoying it for-real I truly like I guess I have to give you more art clips so you can write more like this. Now thats a way for frosty to come to town smiling and enjoying as always ty I need stitches now ha ha ha lmao

GREAT story Will!!! I really liked it!!! WOW... is right...

Kathy Lockhart
wow is right. What a Story! You create such scenes that play through my mind. This reads like rapid gun fire to me. Great Write Will. bookmarked