Another introduction

Frosty: A Hustler

This dude will never melt
he stays iced out & with
cold cash
The bling and the cheddar
comes his way real fast

He thought even with the cops
turning up the heat
"they can't hurt me"
because he gave out more
brain freezes then a 7-11

He had blow going out
of one door, trees and
ex out of another
He'd pedal anything that
made cheddar wasn't that
the definition of a hustler

But his main business was
the blow they call him Frosty
for a reason
because damn he distributed
the whitest snow

And his freeze was he was
told the best ever though
he didn't understand
it could turn the most experience
sniffer into Encino man

No matter who you were
you'd find you self held
after sniffing his s--- stiff
for at least four seconds
He had the most returning
customers coming back if not
thirds or forths at least for seconds

He was called Frosty for
so many reasons
he kept cash and so much Ice (Diamonds and Platinumf)
that if light hit him the right way he'd be a glowman
but the truth is he kept Bricks(Coke)
by the crates that's the
reason he was Frosty the Snowman

Poetry by Will
Read 432 times
Written on 2007-04-27 at 18:24

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ya now that was cool as always you are truly a work of art when it comes to this style of writtting I like I like smiling a mile long lmao for-real !!now you have to do one for the other pictures I gave you ok? ty

Wonderful work! I liked it even more than Frost the THUGMAN!
But both are GREAT!!!