How beautiful a raindrop can be and its short lived existence

A Single Drop of Rain

One droplet of rain on an inevitable journey downwards,
The windowpane is for cherished seconds its canvass,
A few precious moments then individuality is changed forever,
The raindrop encounters a trickle that merges and grows,
Gathering momentum sees the end of insignificant spots now a flood,
Eventually we like the raindrop will be no more.


A single drop of rain will like a river flow,
Quenching all our thirsts so that we might grow,
The beauty of the raindrop is reflected in all around,
Growth its self is started from a droplet downwards bound.
If the good lord gave me the chance to live my life again,
I think that I would opt to be that single drop of rain.

Poetry by Albert
Read 618 times
Written on 2005-11-19 at 02:28

Tags Reflections  Reincarnation  Beauty 

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Without a doubt rain can be so inspirational as you have proved once again with your excellent work albert :-)