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NOTE:  2007 05 09  22H44 EST  If You'd Like to Know Why... - ramblings...

If You'd Like to Know Why...

- perspective:  when plagued by shaky self-confidence and self-esteem...

i don't talk to you
because i like you,
but it's more than
that, i admire you,
and i feel i am
less than you.

then awkwardness
never misses a beat -
what is there that i
could possibly bring
your way that is good
or relevant, even.

i don't talk to you
because i like you,
but it's more than
that, i admire you,
and i feel i'll never
have a place near


Words by Moods The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2007-05-10 at 04:48

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Nabeela Altaf
You captured my feelings so well with this little piece! It's such a bad feeling, being near that person you really really like and fumbling and stuttering!

I cannot say more thay that has been said.
Lovely my dear.

StillHoppin The PoetBay support member heart!
You nailed it! I know that feeling oh so well, sadly enough. When it comes to that perspective, it seems to me that people see what they want to see. I have trouble with eye contact sometimes, and with being awkward.... and I have had people assume a lot of really bad things about me because they don't understand that it's just part of my personality, the built in belief that anyone I like or look up to is far better than me, and I just don't feel worthy of so much as a glance..... I really love this! ~

i do not seem to share this trepidation-- all the time... though i Feel you. i have a big ego... along with the fact that i have been told that part of my make-up is that i have "something" for everyone i meet. i Feel duty bound to open(keep open) mySelf up or lower boundaries, you Know?

And it's a given piece.. it's perfect.. Cannot give any constructive critics on the piece.. as much as, the piece is about what I just wrote.. sort of..Also wanna say, I've experienced this .. and, have not been able to put it out in words, but now.. I've read it.. and it feels so dam good. :) You're a very good writer.. Thank you for sharing this wonderful text.

Rik The PoetBay support member heart!
Oh how I have felt this way so very often. So much honesty and truth in these words.

Zoya Zaidi
Sometimes we like someone so much that we do no approach that person for the fear of losing him or her altogether, and break that spell of having that person near you in imagination at least...
Dear Moods, I can see you have not been to the site for a long a time, just like me.
Any way, just wanted to reach out to you...
How are you?
I hope everything has been fine with you?

Kathy Lockhart
very deeply expressive, moving, and raw with honesty.

This is so gently expressed...Yes we often do avoid those we admire the most, for fear of humiliation in their light.

Happy Monday

Smiling at you


2009 and this is everymuch as good as the first time!

Shawn Monahan
Love this piece- a sentiment I can relate to. I like how you spaced "your worthwhile interest" from the previous stanza that ends in materializes that distance you describe. a very effective poem that I found to be a pleasure to read..well done

A little late to drop in, but I made it here... nevertheless.
Glad I did - this is a very visual, very honest piece. I can relate to it, I've been there.

How have you been?

Amanda K
it happens with us all, the confusion of feelings.thx 4 bringing it up.

hugs, Amanda

M Heathcote
I agree with Rob superb piece!
the voice feels so tender
and emotive in both age and being!

Rob Graber
What a superb piece!

Dan Cederholm

Oh so wonderful words of longing
which is walking forward so com-
fortable caressing from row to row...

I like this poem very a lot and there
is so many feeling's in it!


Kathy Lockhart
this is so moving and the visual in lowercase letters leaves an impact as well as the words. xx

as usual your words captivate me
you are truelly a great writer

Zoya Zaidi
Yeah, it some times does happen that you can't talk to some one because you are not sure that you will come up with something profound enough. But, on the oter hand, if you like some one then it is better to tell him or her that you do, because if you do not, how will he know? Secondly, let me tell you my dear friend, there is nothing more profound and more beautiful then truth. So, don't be shy, express your feelings, becasue they are beautiful!
Love, Zoya