This is the last of three poems requested by and written for my daughter Lizsa whose partner Bryan died quite unexpectedly three years ago at the young age of 29 and is Lizsa talking her thoughts out aloud to Bryan.

What Care I

What care I for castles in the sky or riches far beyond imagination or compare?
My life is nothing with without you my love if you are no longer there,
I care not an iota for golden trinkets nor diamond studded charms,
All are as dust if I can never again hold you tightly in my arms?

What does my life now hold for me now that you have gone?
I will rebuild my life for I know that you would want it to go on,
A hollow passage of time the past long years have slowly ticked away,
Your departing has left a void where once my heart beat powerfully each day,

To have loved the perfect man only to see him slowly breathe his last,
A shadow now falls where once his radiance did magnificently cast,
Knowing our love diminishes not but rather grows in every way,
You are always in my thoughts my love each minute of each day.

7th October 2005 AVW

Poetry by Albert
Read 946 times
Written on 2005-11-19 at 21:09

Tags Love  Life  Grief 

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i love the idea behind this... what care i? for if it's all without you, it is bland, dry and mediocre. life tastes like stale crackers, smells like a disinfected hospital hallway, sounds small and far away, looks gray and uninviting, and feels like nothing through this sort of numb. what care i, indeed. a lovely tribute (all three parts of it), quite the labor of love.