This is the second of three poems requested by and written for my daughter Lizsa whose partner Bryan died quite unexpectedly three years ago at the young age of 29 and is Bryan comforting Lizsa.

To My One Love Lizsa

Bryan to my one love Lizsa

I have not died, I have not passed on, and I am always near,
Guarding and protecting my loved one every second of the year,
Beside you through troubled times though bad they may often seem,
At the foot of your bed I stand whilst you slumber, you toss you turn you dream,
For the years that we have known and loved each other will never ever depart,
Forever they will stay as sweet memories, locked securely in your heart,
Each day I'll be walking at your side as you live out your tormented life,
Perhaps sorrowful at the thought that you were never my lovely wife,
Never ever be sad my love never ever be filled with sorrow or show despair,
Remember I am always walking beside you, reach out, I am always there,
But your life must go on so live it to the full and enjoy it for me, please Li,
If you live love and laugh throughout each day then I will never be forgotten never die.


Poetry by Albert
Read 840 times
Written on 2005-11-19 at 21:11

Tags Love  Life  Grief 

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