This is the first of a trilogy poems requested by and written for my daughter Lizsa whose partner Bryan died quite unexpectedly three years ago at the young age of 29 and is Lizsa talking aloud about Bryan.

Bryan Remembered

What can I say of Bryan; he was perfect in every way?
Do I miss him now that he has gone? Yes every second of each day
He was my life my pal my lover my very best-est friend,
We lived only for each other, 'twas like that until the very end.
The lord must have taken him from me because he knew he was so good,
He knew that no one else would do, as with me there never could.
It's been now nearly three long years since my loved one passed away,
I think of him when I go to bed, when I clasp my hands to pray,
I see him in the mornings when I first stir; he is there in my minds eye,
He is in my thoughts most constantly and will remain so till I die,
I laugh at things we used to do I've also cried that's not denied,
To remember wondrous times as those means he never ever died.
Bry. you'll always be a part of me in my heart and in my mind,
I love you now as I did then to all others I am blind.

16th September 2005 AVW

Poetry by Albert
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Written on 2005-11-19 at 21:14

Tags Love  Remembering  Joyfulness 

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Zoya Zaidi

Zoya Zaidi