A short tale about this past weekend's New York Pro Bodybuilding Show

Two Dennis' hanging on a Branch

Dennis James & Dennis Wolf
fell to the powerpacked
Branch Warren AKA Quadzilla
it was tight right down to
the wire you know like
watching a good thiller

Both Wolf & James looked tighter
and bigger than Branch to me
but in the end
It doesn't matter what we think
but Branch even looked surprise
to win

OH BTW speaking of
the NEW YORK PRO being a thriller
Big Props to a Pro Showing
ROOKIE Debut fourth place finish

Silvio Samuel rounds
out the top five
Unfortunately for Silvio
he looked tremendous
he was just too small to
stand up with those other guys

the BIG Spaniard this guy is
a giant man
he was a little off in conditioning
hopefully he'll correct that
next year if he can

Overall it was a great show
if not a bit contraversial
too bad for Dennis Wolf & James
bodybuilding shows don't come
with judging reversals

Well maybe they'll at least admit
they made a mistake, yeah right
not a chance
so for the New York Pro
it Two Dennis' hanging

They'll get him next time..

Poetry by Will
Read 452 times
Written on 2007-05-15 at 16:27

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