A message to a special person who I forgot how special they were

Your Pain

During the time you
became my wife
it seems I forgot you
were my friend
I shall mend your
heart and try never to
make it hurt again

I owe you a lot
for you took a
chance with me
Do you remember
how special we
knew we can be

We're strong apart but
together we can be
& when you're not feeling
so strong yes, you can
jump on me

They'll be a lot of times
we don't see things
the same
but disagreements aside
I will make up for YOUR PAIN

Poetry by Will
Read 489 times
Written on 2007-05-15 at 17:52

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A powerful poem again!!!!kissess


Look into my eyes and you will see
Just how much you mean to me
You are not alone
Hope is not gone
Search your heart and you will find
I've never left you; I've been there all the time
I don't know what you are searching for
But don't have to search no more
Realize you don't have to fear
My love is always standing right here
Look into my eyes and you'll know it's true
I always here for you

I Just Wanted You To Know....

You're the air I breath,
The scent I smell,
You're the touch I feel
You're everything that's real.

You're the better half,
The stronger willed,
You're the the beat of the heart,
The more compelled.

You're the sun that shines,
the lighter side,
You're the grass that grows,
The stream that flows.

You are the inner soul,
the eyes that shine,
the one I love,
my peace of mind.

You are and will always be
the better part of me.

Will My Prince & Shinning Armor!
Me Your DollFace,Princess & Tee Tee ;-)
you know what that means(stands for)

Will, this is great such a wonderful poem.
Another great write here! :)

Zoya Zaidi
It is always nice to remind you spouse, you love her.
We tend to take our spouses for granted and this can lead to a big rift with time...
(((Hugs Will for the nice write)))
Love, Zoya

I'm sure she loves this. Well done Will.