This is a poem of a that I've written from bottom of my heart !!!! I hpoe you all will like !!!! waiting for your comments !!!!! bye take care

God bless !!!!!

The Story Of A Tree !!!

Leaves falling off the tree,
on this cold winter day,
can't do anything,
except to watch.

Helpless and alone,
satnding in that lonely street,
can't do anything,
except to watch.

People walk by the tree day n night,
not caring for it,
can't do anything,
except to watch !!!

Days turn to months,
then comes the season spring,
the tree is at its full bloom,
flowers all over,
like a blanket on it,
bearing fruits in bunches,
as if God has given a rebith to the tree.

It reminds me of the good times,
it reminds me that good times follow the bad,
and this is what that helps me live LIFE !!!!

Poetry by krupal sikligar
Read 477 times
Written on 2007-05-15 at 19:33

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Zoya Zaidi
Yeah, dear Krupal,
Never give up hope!
Hope always keeps you going,
Hope always keeps you alive!

Welcome to the Bay!
Love, Zoya