I've been reading The Discovery of Poetry by francis mayes and it's helping me develop my techniques...

As well as I had a little help from a friend on the topic...a boy...friend? ^_^

Starry Aubade

i bid to you an aubade of truth,
of who, it is that my heart belongs 2,
you know as well as i
you have another gal and i another guy

however i, unlike many, notice when
the stars don't shine as brightly
and though far I may be,
of all their troubles, i long 2 set them free

now if it means that you light her world,
i'll trudge along with you through the dark

and if it means that i be a lonely girl,
i hope she brightens your tomorrow before 2day starts

Poetry by katiiieanne
Read 887 times
Written on 2007-05-17 at 20:00

Tags Aubade  Stars  Love 

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Rob Graber
Lines 3 & 4 are really cool!

AUBADE is not in my dictionary.
This is a lovely write however, and very real.
I am ashamed to ask, but Frances Mayes rings such a bell with me. What did she do? Who is she?
(And what does aubade mean?) I'm so ignorant!